You get me.

One of my friends asked the question that what’s the most touching moment that I’ve ever had. Sadly, instead of my personal experience, this sense pumped into my head.

Actually, I saved this screenshot the moment I watched this episode. That’s about 3 months ago. But I was dried out at that time. In the past few months, I experienced a lot. And finally, I felt that I’m ready to write something about it.

You get me.

Why this sentence touches me so much? To some degree, I’ve always been in the minority. In middle school, I spent most of my time on coding competitions. I conducted an intern on computer vision during my freshman year at college. I then moved to social science.

It’s a rather lonely path. I mean, it’s great to have the chance to explore my interest with no limitation. It would be a perfect Saturday night to code with my best friends. However, the time I stop coding is the time the loneliness strikes. After the library is closed at 10:20 at night, on the way back to the dormitory, I walk through light beams of street lamps. I have to hide in the world of music to prevent the crash. Siri is my companion and self-talk is the sword to fight the dragon of loneliness.

Apparently, I’m not supposed to crash. The young should be creating the future of this world. But the human soul is made of emotions. And I’m not that kind of talent who could devote their lives to pushing the human race forward.

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